Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This will really disappoint the Holy Rollers

The New York Times recently published an article about evidence for a possible meteor impact in the Indian Ocean that caused a mega-tsunami some 4500 years ago. Part of the evidence is what the investigators call "chevrons" of displaced earth near the shore in Madagasgar. These valleys are theorized to have been carved out by a 600 foot high tsunami. By examining the direction of the chevrons, the investigators have found solid evidence of a large impact crater at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Further, silt deposits in the chevrons contain ocean-bottom minerals fused to deep water micro-fossils, which are characteristic of impact events.

Other researchers have correlated multiple flood myths with known astronomical events (a solar eclipse) and found agreement with the geological age data. Torrential rains, weeks of darkness (oh, say 40 days) and of course, tsunami floods would all have been coincident with such an event.

This is certainly a credible explanation of flood myths and end-of-days prophecies. Unfortunately for the Creationists and other holy-rollers it has nothing to do with the supernatural.

There go those scientists again, taking all the fun out of make-believe.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Clean sweep, baby!

So, I went to bed Tuesday night, after writing my last entry, thinking that the Republicans were ahead in the Senate tipping point races. But, lo and behold, I awake to find that the Democrats have won! WOO HOO!

So we Blue Staters now control both houses of Congress. In my dreams, I couldn't have imagined this wonderful an outcome. It really restores my faith in the American people. We're really not a bunch of dirty tricks, mean-spirited holy rollers. We really can think.

Now, Madam Speaker, and Mr. Majority Leader, please don't spend this valuable and hard-won political capital unwisely. It won't be hard to do a better job than the bozos you're replacing, but you can do much better. Let's show them how it can really work.

Damn, what a country! :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank you!!

It's just after 11 pm on Tuesday night and CNN has projected that the Democrats will win back control of the House. The Senate is still a toss-up, but my guess is that the Republicans will maintain a slim majority.

Thanks for voting today and helping to turn a lot of the US map BLUE once again! Way to go!

I am very encouraged by the tide turning away from mindless, unthinking "belief" and its hollow flag-waving and back to real patriotism. Patriotism that is thinking, reasoning and rational has much more depth and power than shallow jingoism, which is what we've been enduring for the last 6 years.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, surprise, surprise....

Rev. Ted Haggard, outspoken leading opponent of gay marriage discovered to have paid man for sex. Ah yes, the religious right at their finest. "Out"spoken indeed. I can't help but giggle, then be furious beyond words. How many of these flaming hypocrites do there have to be before America wises up?

And I'd like to personally thank the Rev for bumping Mr. Foot-in-Mouth, Sen. John Kerry off the headlines.

The one good thing from Kerry's incredible brain-fart this week is that he's now clearly out of the running for the Dem. nomination for president in '08. We need someone who can win. If, after all the inept bumbling of W and his masters for the past two terms, the Dems can't win the White House back, then frankly they don't deserve it.