Monday, February 10, 2014

A mission for non-believers

I've been wondering if there's something more we non-believers should be doing than just arguing with the faithful. While that might help in our goal of being recognized as fully entitled citizens along with all the believers, it's always seemed to me that we should have a higher, more noble, practical goal.

I think we should be the leaders in debunking bullshit. We're all about evidence and logic, right? Shouldn't we be out there leading the charge against the vaccination and climate-change deniers, the ancient astronaut and UFO purveyors? It seems to me we'd do a lot more service to our fellow man by calling bullshit on pseudoscience, chiropractors, new age woo-woo, truthers, birthers and all brands of conspiracy theorists than trying to tell born-again idiots for the zillionth time that the burden of proof is on them.