Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some good stuff

From a really good post at DailyKos, here are some great idea nuggets for Dems from adguy. I really like the one about dividing the nation to strengthen their power.

The Republicans have brazenly stated that they will sell terror as their political strategy for the November elections. Makes sense. They're all about selling things. Like their influence. And our government. And the future of our children. And now, our national security.

So while they're busy selling terror, we're busy solving the problems that breed terror.

While they work to keep you captive to fear, we work to free you from the causes of fear.

While they're dreaming up ways to exploit threats to our security, we're busy working on ways to eliminate those threats.

While they see themselves as successful at fighting terrorism, we see having more terrorists now than ever before as the definition of failure.

While they seek to divide us in order to strengthen their power, we seek to unite us in order to strengthen our nation.

While they're telling you that only their ideas will keep you safe, we say that more ideas--not fewer--are needed to secure our safety.

While they say our enemies have changed and so should we, we say accommodating our enemies is not the American way.

And while they say that those who voice opposition to their policies are aiding our enemies, we say that those who seek to vilify dissent give our enemies just what they desire.

You see, we Democrats don't think of Americans as being fearful. Americans are too smart, too hard-working, too committed to our constitution and the liberty it bestows on us to be fearful. In fact, when we faced one of the most evil and powerful regimes ever to exist, it was a Democrat who reminded us that, "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." And we came through with flying colors.

So you have a choice this November: Return to our traditional American ideals, or remain headed down the dark road to a lesser America.


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