Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The attack on science

One of the primary things that got me back into politics is the right-wing's assault on science. The most visible and clearly drawn offensive by the right on science has to do with their denial of evolution. I'm thankful that the creationists are in retreat for the moment, due to a stunning court decision in Dover, PA and recent elections in Kansas where the right-wing state school board was thrown out. It kind of gives you hope when, even in a bastion of religious conservatism like Kansas, a majority of people realized they had become the nation's laughingstock and voted for reason again.

You'll note that one of my links is to EvolutionBlog, which is written by Jason Rosenhouse, a math professor at James Madison University. Science needs more people like Jason, who are patient and diligent enough to put up clear and accessible counters to the senseless and disingenuous tactics of the creationists. They're a pretty slimy lot, in my estimation, that engage in little more than rhetorical misdirection, although their creativity for ingeniously specious arguments is remarkable. I'm amazed at how much patience he has with listening to their drivel and calmly pointing out what unrefined bullshit it is. Pardon my French. Anyway, give it a peek if you have the chance.

But creationism, although it generates a lot of noise, is a less direct and present threat to our quality of life and planet (IMHO) than other of the current regime's attacks on science and scientists. Global warming, for instance, is another case of incredible denial on the part of the administration and the right in general. The manner in which they loose the propaganda and talk-show dogs to defame honest scientists is really deplorable. But I'm flaming now, aren't I? Sorry, I didn't sleep too well last night. Must have been the meat loaf after golf.


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