Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lamont gaining

This article on Yahoo confirms what people have been predicting. Lamont is gaining on Lieberman just as he did in the primary. Again, it seems to be "news" that people are fed up with the Cheney/Bush administration and won't countenance sycophants like Lieberman.

Last night, I spend an interesting hour or so talking politics after my weekly golf league. I don't know everyone's politics in the group, but it was amazing how many people, regardless of their opinion of Lamont or Lieberman are four-square against the war in Iraq. There was general consensus amongst a group I would have expected to be conservative that the war will continue to tarnish and degrade the reputation of our country in the world and that it was a colossal mistake, born of an appalling but typically chauvinistic, myopic and uninformed view of other cultures by the right-wing flag-wavers. Oh yes, said Rumsfeld, we will be welcomed with chocolates and flowers thrown at our feet.

Yo, what are those homeboys smokin'? I want some!


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