Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vlogging and blogging vs. Old Media

Check out this entry on AmandaAcrossAmerica. Ed Cone is interviewed about the effect of blogging at a local level. Excellent piece, Amanda!

Ed’s comments on local blogging bring home the major difference that I see with blogging vs. Old Media.

“This time it’s personal!”

Individuals talking to individuals is how opinions get changed, action gets started and movements get created. It’s the personal connection aspect of blogs and particularly vlogs that make them so powerful.

The other really significant aspect of blogging and vlogging is exactly what OldMedia castigates it for. It’s NOT objective. Personal media require the reader or viewer to engage their brain and critical capabilities to decide, “Does this person know what they’re talking about?” “Are they persuasive, do their words have the ring of truth, or are they just blowing smoke?”

Gee, vlogs make people think. What a concept!


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