Monday, October 09, 2006


Today was another great bonus golf day. When it gets to be October, the weather can get rather chilly and wet. But today it was warm and sunny, not a cloud to be seen. I had my best round of the year today, an 88. On the back nine, we were about to tee off on 13, when we heard a commotion on the 12th green. One of our lady members had just made a hole-in-one. So we had a free drink to look forward to when we reached the clubhouse. Although it was a Monday, it was also the Columbus day holiday, so the bar was open. Unfortunately the Long Trail keg was empty, sad to say, so we had to make do with Corona.

One of the foursome again today was Fr. Tony. I told you about him in this previous post. After a couple of beers, I'm afraid my tongue got a little loose and I "outed" myself as a political blogger. Something about Tony makes you want to confess, I guess. Hope he's still speaking to me after reading my rants....


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