Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, surprise, surprise....

Rev. Ted Haggard, outspoken leading opponent of gay marriage discovered to have paid man for sex. Ah yes, the religious right at their finest. "Out"spoken indeed. I can't help but giggle, then be furious beyond words. How many of these flaming hypocrites do there have to be before America wises up?

And I'd like to personally thank the Rev for bumping Mr. Foot-in-Mouth, Sen. John Kerry off the headlines.

The one good thing from Kerry's incredible brain-fart this week is that he's now clearly out of the running for the Dem. nomination for president in '08. We need someone who can win. If, after all the inept bumbling of W and his masters for the past two terms, the Dems can't win the White House back, then frankly they don't deserve it.


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