Thursday, November 09, 2006

Clean sweep, baby!

So, I went to bed Tuesday night, after writing my last entry, thinking that the Republicans were ahead in the Senate tipping point races. But, lo and behold, I awake to find that the Democrats have won! WOO HOO!

So we Blue Staters now control both houses of Congress. In my dreams, I couldn't have imagined this wonderful an outcome. It really restores my faith in the American people. We're really not a bunch of dirty tricks, mean-spirited holy rollers. We really can think.

Now, Madam Speaker, and Mr. Majority Leader, please don't spend this valuable and hard-won political capital unwisely. It won't be hard to do a better job than the bozos you're replacing, but you can do much better. Let's show them how it can really work.

Damn, what a country! :)


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